the post before,supposed to be posted yesterday.lol.

...and today, me and my friends went to sooo many stores to look for paints, board, styrofoam, and some other equipment for st.catherine day on our campus. on the way back, it rained sooooo hard. we stopped at our campus to sit, watch tv, lie down, pee, and priska slept on the couch. my brother pick me up, priska came along with me, ucha went home, alone, and sugeng is still adoring lily donaldson on tv, also alone.
at home, kobo the fatso, attacked priska. its ok, she likes him. we waited until the rain stops. i walked priska to the bus stop, she doesnt know the way.hahaa. its still raining a *little bit* and there were sooo many puddle (i almost spelled it poodle.lol) and sudenly.... I WANNA PEE!!! for a second i thought of peeing while i walked, noone'll know.lol. but i didnt. i imagined that and shocked by myself for a second. i didnt tell priska. she'll laugh in the middle of the road which have an ankle depth puddle if i did, and by that,means we'll stay longer.eww!no thanks, i've had enough itch.
on the way back, i saw my dad calling me and picked me up with his motorcycle.then i thought, THANK GOD I THINKED TWICE BEFORE I PLANNED TO PEE.LOL