WHOA! it's been almost a year since my last post!

...time flies so fast and i can't even remember where i've been and what i up to. the latest of course is being a bit obsessed with bastille (the band) and took a trip abroad with an old friend.

i was so excited at the zoo and reached the point that i have to remind myself that
but i pretended to give my friend a tour anyways, heheh.

"at this side you could see a picture of a crocodile and a hippo, both represents my cranky personality"

"...and at this side you could see a  bunch of flamingos, also reflects my personality cause i'm fabulous"

'twas also my first backpacking attempt. bright side: i don't have to wait for my luggage in the airport, downside: i can't buy gigantic unimportant stuff. (which actually is a good thing)

perhaps i should do this more, i got so many place i haven't got to see.
but on the other side, the comfort of my bed and the warmth of my dog's armpit never left my head.


what would people think of me

some introduction from a friend to their friend

jesse once introduced me and joshua to a guy named yuri "they are brother ladies, a boyish girl and a girly boy. the girl likes to pick her nose"

diana  few days ago introduced me to her friend while also talked to me:
D: you haven't ate?
C: i had juice and a bunch of marshmallows
D: *to her friend* thats how she eats.

some classmates to some fashion stylist: "she creates weird color crashed clothes you might want to use"

meeting other people

a lady i used to work for on my interview: "what did you dream of when you were a child?" i stare at her as a sign i didn't get the question. "what did you want to be? your dream job?" i replied, "i don't want to work, i want to be rich and have a pet unicorn".

angkot driver on the way to work (i got that job above), i was wearing a silver toned top "how was the stage?" "eh?" "you wear those clothes!" "oh, i'm on my way to my office!"

me, counting money in front of client and partner: "pssh pssh pssh" *stares at the ceiling* "i think i lost count, help me!"

some friends who knew me too well

jesse to ivone: "she has really wide range of music to hear but she likes the absurd ones"

joshua: "brother lady, your mind's too random" (me: "what would make me special if i don't have random mind?")

i'll add more when i remember.


another backstage fun

Dysnom (DNSR) joined a fashion event!!!
its almost've been a year!

about 2 weeks of work has fucked my sleeping schedule,
but the thrills worth it!!!

here's some backstage pictures and happy laughters!

they hunt in pack!

 and i met my classmates and after the show, we continued our attempt putting noemi in a bag.
this time it worked better, she wasn't stuck!


...remembering last year

found this while browsing through tumblr dashboard.
this is what happened in my first job interview!
what's weird? they hired me.


DNSR: taking photos of a skinny person.

captured some outfit with my instax during the photoshoot. 
the boy is  ebi , and  jesse took the photos. here, we got clothes from DNSR, ...