model audition in esmod jakarta

like i said in my report about my favourite designer, it's harder than picking a puppy from a bunch of them to take care of. this thing happened again in model audition for my last collection.
most models from the agencies has muscles like the manliest man. while what i was looking for is someone skinny , rather goofy or just looks happy in skinny figure.
the first one i got, i stared at him on the way in thru the parking lot, well actually im staring at a pair of blue shoes. haha and all my friends said "that one's soooooooo your figurine!!!" so i take him. the second one, i canceled without any more thoughts. done for week one...
week 2:
i got noone coming, but i met a sweet looking boy who i offered to be my model but im still thinking of choosing him or the other freelancing boys on my list.btw, i called some friends to join this thing earlier this week. and most of them just cant.
and i kinda cheated for the 3rd week, i came to see some friends of my friend's friend < (too complicated for a moron) and offering them too. they accepted!
and week 3 is still to come...