fabric hunting trip

the second time to go to tanah abang with muti. this time accompanied by elis and then noomie. we talked about our concept in the cab, and changed the plan a bit, we went to museum gadjah 'to research the place of our show'. but God hates change of plans! especially unimportant ones during these hectic week.

we arrived at museum gajah, the cab parked, we paid, but the driver couldn't find any change. then i went down, asked some lady if she got smaller bill to pay the fee, but she said she don't. oh well, i got into the cab back and we drove to tanah abang. noomie came later.

fabric hunting, as usual, is my weakness. i always buy something cute, rather than buy something useful. i just can't help myself. *stares at my lime green pvc fabric*

the 4 of us had lunch and hunt for accessories too.
i lost it. 
i lost control.
 i bought those so called 'unimportant things'....
but hey, a cute white bag for 45 thousand rupiah. who cant deny it?!?!

ah well, today's better than the one before, i bought more things for the last collection.