school as an RPG game for today. forever.

this' just a random pic i stole from google. but well im gonna tell you one thing about my college. it's too damn similar to a fantasy RPG game. at first, you'll get easier opponent, and the final, you got the hardest one. in that case, you'll know the wicked witch.
and just like any game, you'll get some clues and helps, those comes from your friends and the nice .... oh well, i symbolize this person as a unicorn, a moody unicorn. :)
and theres another one. this one helps but a bit annoying for its appearance. maybe its similar to the notifications from the server for lack of some stuffs. i never really understand these games.

oh well, enough said.
i just wanted to compare my life with something...

...after today's experience of avoiding the wicked witch and annoying the unicorn...and receiving sooo many notifications.