only 2 choices, cheap or free!!!

forgive the lack of sleep for last night, dear me. today i got to school at 9am. what for its saturday?! yes i meet my teacher and my friend to go to YKK factory to get our products of promised from the sponsorship. and yes, they doubled my order! and yippie, thei multipled *cuz i forgot how many times* 2 of my order into 100 metre button supplies. HAHAHAAA! i think i can build a bag to keep my room from dust from that!!! :D
anyways, on the way home jesse called me, saying she's in taman puring (a place to buy rejected branded shoes or just purely fake items) i chased her with an ojeG <(has to be written this way!!). the ojeg guy talked to me and said "hey, jesse went here too, you know!", "im gonna find her,then" i replied.
inside tampur, we went around like monkeys watching docmarts, converses, vans shoes, nikes, adidas, macbeths, ...AND WAY WAY TOO MANY TO PRONOUNCE!!!! we look around and lost, ended with a trip to ATM machine. ohai mom's card! i can see you there. you see, even people say i'm evilish, i call my mom before i took money from her card y'know. so, im good!!! we went back to taman puring to look again, and there i saw. i never really know wether its rejected or people just replicate these SUPRA shoes.. some bunch of colourful nikes also. but i fell in love, i bargained. IM GOOD!! the seller opens the price at 550k and i got it for 350k :D NIIIICE! then came jesse's turn. she bought 3pairs of boots. all gigantic. and while waiting for the seller to get the boxes, she accompany me to buy a bunch of converses.

OH CHEAP CONVERSES!! I KNEW YOU'RE A FAKE SINCE THE FIRST TIME I SAW YOU! your tips are weird, but i had no other choice, its between cheap shoes or nothing for the total look. THEN THE CHEAP SHOES DESTINY CALLED. i got 2 pairs of hi-top chucks for only 170k. the green one's the one i described, and the stripey one's a better looking one.