i decide to make a post again today

i dye my hair dark brown today!!
my mum told me to
my brother's getting married on 17th
mr.Jein asked if i'd dye my hair red again after the wedding
nyeh, i'd rather shave it partially again.. (:
we went shopping aferwards
great bargain at the dept store *raises middle finger a little bit*
we get a voucher every 200k transaction, and it worth 100k
we keep on bought more things and we get another voucher
over, and over again
me and mum got sooooo tired, but we still have another voucher in our hand
we spend the last one and went away ASAP
this is what i call a good marketing strategy,
the lady at the information counter (where we exchange the voucher) smiled and said
"a never ending shopping day,huh?"
"yea, me and my wallet are getting skinny i guess", i replied completed with fisting gesture