late post!!! about beatfest 2011

finally saw MGMT live and so shocked by andrew's voice :o
and *googled the name* james richardson's outfit reminded me of my outfit at fashion festival! that day i forgot to bring a dress,so i took action with some jersey fabric and sheared holes for my neck and armoholes.. *smart smart :|*
whitest boy alive!!! they sound so good, feels like listening to them before i sleep but in the maximum volume and gigantic bass.. they got the crowd dancing around and singing along

compared the concerts i've been to with my cousin, this is waaaay different.. 
we have to queued for a pretty long time outside the venue, they checked our id, and we parked jojo's car right in front of the venue (i usually walk and catch a cab) 
...aaaaaand i think in the middle of the show they turned off the air conditioner, dang, i almost fainted by the lack of oxygen,plus the jumping, and the crowd squeezed us to the front while mgmt sang 'kids'. 
afterwards, we went home with tired faces but completed with the biggest grin ever :)