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i haven't updated this in ... you can count from the post below.
but guess what? i'm 3 days away from watching MGMT and the Whitest Boy Alive!!!
ultra-excited, i am!
and im sure nuumi and jojo too!

i'm still planning on resigning from the office to release my personal quirkiness

to add, i now have a student. im teaching her everything i've learned in fashion school.

and today i reviewed my old pattern drafting folders and remembering everything my teacher told me and just realized how right they are!

"don't take the folder away and put the (pattern drafting) file anywhere you want, you dont know when you need them in order" - mas fariz
yes, i found my files without the folder, and it took a lot of time to reorganize it and clean the dusts, i also have to borrow from muti her folder and copy them :|