what would people think of me

some introduction from a friend to their friend

jesse once introduced me and joshua to a guy named yuri "they are brother ladies, a boyish girl and a girly boy. the girl likes to pick her nose"

diana  few days ago introduced me to her friend while also talked to me:
D: you haven't ate?
C: i had juice and a bunch of marshmallows
D: *to her friend* thats how she eats.

some classmates to some fashion stylist: "she creates weird color crashed clothes you might want to use"

meeting other people

a lady i used to work for on my interview: "what did you dream of when you were a child?" i stare at her as a sign i didn't get the question. "what did you want to be? your dream job?" i replied, "i don't want to work, i want to be rich and have a pet unicorn".

angkot driver on the way to work (i got that job above), i was wearing a silver toned top "how was the stage?" "eh?" "you wear those clothes!" "oh, i'm on my way to my office!"

me, counting money in front of client and partner: "pssh pssh pssh" *stares at the ceiling* "i think i lost count, help me!"

some friends who knew me too well

jesse to ivone: "she has really wide range of music to hear but she likes the absurd ones"

joshua: "brother lady, your mind's too random" (me: "what would make me special if i don't have random mind?")

i'll add more when i remember.