WHOA! it's been almost a year since my last post!

...time flies so fast and i can't even remember where i've been and what i up to. the latest of course is being a bit obsessed with bastille (the band) and took a trip abroad with an old friend.

i was so excited at the zoo and reached the point that i have to remind myself that
but i pretended to give my friend a tour anyways, heheh.

"at this side you could see a picture of a crocodile and a hippo, both represents my cranky personality"

"...and at this side you could see a  bunch of flamingos, also reflects my personality cause i'm fabulous"

'twas also my first backpacking attempt. bright side: i don't have to wait for my luggage in the airport, downside: i can't buy gigantic unimportant stuff. (which actually is a good thing)

perhaps i should do this more, i got so many place i haven't got to see.
but on the other side, the comfort of my bed and the warmth of my dog's armpit never left my head.